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Hi there, I'm happy that you found my corner of the internet! My name is David and I'm from Austria. I work as a system engineer in information technology. I'm a strong advocate of using free open source software. My hobbies are photography, spending time outdoors and doing all kinds of fun stuff with technology.

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My projects

Zabbix Templates: Nextcloud

Awesome free open source projects

This is a list of awesome free open source software I use myself and can highly recommend. If you want to learn more about free open source software and why it is important, then feel free to visit the homepage of the Free Software Foundation: Link

  • Debian: My preferred Linux distribution. Link
  • Zabbix: Monitoring solution which can be used to monitor pretty much anything. Link
  • Bookstack: Easy to use documentation tool with a very nice web interface. Great for all kinds of documentation stuff. Link
  • Gitea: Great software to host your own git repos. Link
  • Piwigo: Very nice software if you want to host your own image gallery. Link
  • Home Assistant: Awesome home automation software. Link
  • Ansible Semaphore: Great, lighweight web UI for Ansible. Link
  • Borg Backup: Very nice backup software for Linux. Link
  • Borgmatic: A great way to schedule backups by borg. Link


David Leutgeb
A-4552 Wartberg an der Krems

Feel free to write me an email: contact (at) davidleutgeb (dot) at
Here is my PGP key if you want to send encrypted mail: PGP Key Link